Did you know it takes over 900 gallons of water to produce just one pair of jeans? Crazy I know! Most denim, 2/3 of all clothing for that matter, is made from cotton. Unfortunately for the planet, cotton is one of the worst fabrics in terms of environmental impact. Not only is it water intensive to farm, 90% of all cotton is now GMO and the cotton industry alone is responsible for 25% of the worlds insecticides usage and 10% of the worlds pesticides usage – I won’t turn this into a science lecture but those are the toxic chemicals contaminating our land, water and food and they are to blame for rapidly killing off the bees. All in all not so pretty statistics.

Buying organic cotton jeans is a massive step in the right direction (nudie jeans if you’re interested)… But buying vintage denim on the other hand is completely guilt free. Enter Reformation. Possibly my favourite brand for their unprecedented dedication to creating “killer clothes that don’t kill the enviroment”. The jeans I’m wearing have been reworked and are hands down the best pair of vintage Levi’s I’ve tried. So, here’s proof that new doesn’t equal better.

Vintage Levi’s: Reformation // Striped Knit: Maje // Wrap Coat: Sandro // Tennis Shoes: Common Projects //



A grey knit and black skinnies is just about as classic as it gets. In an attempt to be less wasteful this winter I’ve only bought a couple of new items to add to my winter wardrobe. Buying less and choosing well is something I started to do before I really knew and cared about fashion’s huge impact on the environment. It was something that kind of went hand-in-hand with the minimal style I was drawn to and minimal lifestyle that goes with it. Investing in better basics and classic pieces that are built to last rather than buying into cheap fashion fads that won’t survive the season. This Maje chunky knits was one of those less is more investments and with all the sweater weather we’ve been having in New York I really have been wearing it on repeat.

Grey Sweater: Maje // Black Jeans: Sandro // Sunglasses and Knot Bangle: Celine // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Necklace: Still House // Black Bag: Alexander Wang // 



Summer is rolling in and last years penchant for side slits has been replaced with laced up details. The top and sandals from Zara are my new go-tos that I’ve been wearing on repeat for the last month – apologies for only just getting around to documenting it! I love the subtlety of these pieces with the slinky ties up the side of the blouse and the just above ankle height of the sandals. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the knee high lace-up gladiators as they’re slightly too flashy for my less is more ways but these ones felt just right. As always Zara have the best selection of runway “inspired” pieces so I’m on my way to feeling like a Chloe girl this summer. 

Blouse & Sandals: Zara // Culottes: Whistles // Bra: Valentine NYC // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Bangle: Celiné


sandro2Sandro3Sandro8Sandro5Counterintuitive though it may be, buying a winter coat as winter draws to a close is actually the best time to invest in that timeless coat. If you need some evidence then let’s just say the Sandro sale was good to me… very good to me. I had been eyeing this beautiful wrap coat all season but as it was unlined (and unaffordable) I really couldn’t justify the splurge (and pay rent). Then last weekend I stumbled across the last one in my size on the sale rack so obviously it was fashion fate. Having seen the AW15 runways it’s safe to say the wrap coat is going nowhere next season so I finally bought the coat of my dreams at an equally dreamy price. If I needed any more justification then the unlined style will work thrown over all my spring outfits as well so I get to wear it now too. Win, win.

Wrap Coat: Sandro // Turtleneck: Zara // Jeans: ASOS // Boots: Whistles // 


4231Wide leg trousers and duster coats, have become something of a default for these cold spring days. The slouchy tailoring finished with white sneakers (one of my favourite pairings) feels completely effortless and understated which is exactly how I like to feel about my style. I would almost be blending in to the grey soho surroundings if it wasn’t for all the oversized proportions.

Happy Weekend!

Duster: Zara // Trousers: ASOS // Bag: Alexander Wang // Trainers: Sandro //