”Those are the ugliest things ever made” according to a rude girl who loudly whispered this whilst stood behind me as I was innocently queuing for iced coffee on the warmest day in New York. Apparently she hasn’t heard of Crocs, Juicy tracksuits, Uggs… I could go on. As rude as it was, it seems the world is divided when it comes to Birkenstocks and people aren’t afraid to let you know if they hate them, even whilst you’re stood in a pair. I just so happened to land comfortably on the side of loving them a while ago as they were¬†around last summer in London. So far I’ve been surprised at the lack of these across the pond, I’m blaming the New York weather, even though I only saw a handful of people wearing them in the Coachella heat. Either way, come summer I’m sure I won’t be the only one rocking ‘ugly’ shoes. Let me know if you’re a lover or loather in the comments below x

Trench, Zara // Slip, F21 // Orb Necklace, Cos // Sandals, Birkenstocks //